Mar 7

The AWARD-WINNING BOOK about YOU is now the 2015 MOTHER'S DAY VIDEO about YOU!!!

I created Momma Love, endorsed by Gloria Steinem, The New York Times and many more, for ALL the mommas out there. I made it about YOU and your motherhood experience. Now I'm inviting you to star in a Momma Love video for Mother's Day! It's REALLY easy. Details are below. When you submit your video, you'll be automatically entered to WIN a free copy of Momma Love. You can keep it or gift it.



The Details:

1. Have someone take a video of you (on your smart phone is fine) saying "I am Momma Love!" 

2. Include your kids when you can and be creative! (unless you're really pooped. Then just go simple.)

3. Make sure the video is well lit enough and that we can hear your voice (even if there are kids' voices in the mix too.)

4. In addition to saying "I am Momma Love!" try saying "I love Momma Love!" and anything else you'd like. Plus leave some space on either end of talking so we can just see you guys hanging out. 

5. Email your video to by March 30th at midnight. 

6. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest and we'll tag you when the video is released. 

Your footage will only be used in the Momma Love Mother's Day Celebration video as a promotional and community building tool for Momma Love

The Momma Love Mother's Day 2015 video will premier April 25th, just in time for Mother's Day. Now go out there and be a star, Momma! We can't wait to see what you come up with. 



Jul 11

This happened back at Mother’s Day, but hey, it’s been a busy time and I’m finally catching up. I was so excited about this pick that I wanted to add it now. The Motherlode Blog by The New York Times is a great source for thought provoking articles. This year, editor and lead blogger KJ Dell’Antonia made Momma Love her #1 MOTHER’S DAY GIFT PICK FOR 2013!! Then she went ahead and ordered a bunch of copies for her pals! That was DAMN satisfying! What a thrill.

Check out the list of the best gifts to give your mother here.

Motherlode article

Jun 4 is now set up to take international orders from several countries! If you are ordering from a country not listed, just email directly.

Get your copy of the book that Gloria Steinem calls a gift to moms, that was named The New York Times‘ Motherlode Blog’s #1 Mother’s Day Gift Pick for 2013, was featured on the front page of The Huffington Post, and that just won a Silver IPPY from The Independent Publishers’ Awards!


May 15

A little after the fact, I wanted to share some pix from a beautiful Momma Love celebration at BOBO Restaurant that Jessica Shyba of Momma’s Gone City threw to celebrate the release of my book! Actress Amy Ryan was the honorary momma and she had some really sweet things to say about being featured in Momma Love.

Moms (and everyone else), if you don’t already know about BOBO, you should! They have a private garden in the back that makes you forget you’re in NYC! It’s ideal for private parties, showers, birthdays… and the staff and food couldn’t be better!

Donna Bell’s Bake Shop provided delicious southern desserts, and Anne Kilcullen at Blade NYC made the space even nicer with her beautiful, one-of-a-kind floral arrangements. (Blade NYC is starting a section of their business that will be geared specifically towards children’s parties!). Moore Brothers Wine Shop– my favorite wine store in NY because of its selection, sweet staff, and it’s children’s play area (YES!)- sent over a dozen bottles of sparkling wine for the toasts!

All in all, it was a great sunday evening!

(all photos ©Amber DeVos and Rita Cheng)



May 2


I’m thrilled to say that Princeton University has asked me to talk at an “Author’s Lunch” Monday, May 6, 12-2pm. Reserve a seat at the table with us by calling 609.497.1777. $60 per person Includes delicious lunch, and proceeds benefit local scholarship fund, The 101: Fund, supporting need-based college scholarships for local high school graduates.

COME ON DOWN! Let’s chat!! I’ll also be selling and signing books just in time for Mother’s Day! (Cheaper than rush shipping!)

May 1



After 12 years and an emotional roller coaster ride, Momma Love is now for sale at I’m shipping books daily for Mother’s Day! If you want your’s, waste no time.(Please note that media mail takes 2-8 days to deliver. There is also a priority mail option.)


Apr 15


Momma Love was 104% FUNDED last week when the Kickstarter fundraiser for it ended! Here are some pix of Momma Love rolling off the presses at SHAPCO Printing in Minneapolis, MN. SHAPCO is a “Green” printer, so that means that all waste product- paper, proofs, plates, etc- are recycled, and all inks are eco-friendly. Which is GREAT!

My rep Debi Bergerson has been an incredible person to work with there. She gets my vision for the book and is full of creative suggestions and solutions. (Plus she’s just very nice!) Owner Joe Avery came up with a perfect solution for the poppy title type I wanted! Wait till you see!

Mar 17



After 12 years of hard work and being thrown for a loop by a publisher who shut abruptly, taking with them the financial investment I’d made towards my book’s production, I’ve decided to self-publish Momma Love; How the Mother Half Lives.

Gloria Steinem says “Ali Smith has given us a gift with Momma Love; a fresh, eye-opening manifestation of motherhood’s contemporary realities.”

Please consider supporting Momma Love’s printing through my Kickstarter campaign. Any amount helps! Pre-sales of the book are available at a special discounted price as well as some other very cool perks!

The book will be released May 1st this year making it the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

In my quest to share these women’s personal stories and portraits, I’ve turned away from the industry and towards the community. I’ve turned to you. The heart of the matter.

Click here to support Momma Love on Kickstarter.


Mar 8


MOMMA LOVE image Kelly Pregnant Outside, which has had the honor of hanging previously at The International Center of Photography, is currently in a wonderful portraits show at The Center for Fine Art Photography in some very good company!

If you find yourself in Fort Collins, Colorado before March 23rd, stop in to see a great show.

May 23

Holly Pavlika is the President of MOMentum, a marketing consultant company that helps brands respond more accurately to how mothers would like to see themselves represented in the media.

I recently stopped by MOMeuntum to talk about what Holly does, as well as to be interviewed about my book Momma Love: How the Mother Half Lives.

Holly is a highly likable and sincere woman, but also a serious force of nature: quiet and understated, but  decisive and doing very bold things with her company. It wasn’t until I was on my way out the door, an hour later, that she finally seemed willing to open up about her own motherhood with me.

According to MOMentum, moms make about 85% of all purchasing decisions, but only 3% of creative directors nationwide are women. Holly, a mother of two, began to notice a major disconnect between how women, particularly moms, were being marketed to, and what they really liked and wanted.

What began as a modest blog morphed into an entire division of Big Fuel, a major NYC social media and branded content agency. The subject of Holly having unique insights into the true desires of women and mothers had come up before at past jobs, but Big Fuel was the first to actually offer her total support in launching a separate division devoted to the idea.

Holly certainly hasn’t always found herself and her visions supported as a woman in the work place. In fact a large amount of energy over the past 30 years in the field has been spent navigating anything from thinly veiled sexist insults to overt sexual proposals from coworkers and higher ups. “Maybe it’s being a redhead,” she jokes. “We always get portrayed as prostitutes and vixens in the movies.”

She was told by one boss that she was “pretty good for a girl,” while another tried to teach her the importance of “acting like a man.” To this day, Holly draws clear lines around herself in terms of PDA with co-workers. “Everyone here knows I’m not the kind to hug.”

So controversy in the work arena isn’t new to Holly. And she has definitely had to use the coping skills she acquired throughout her career now as a “mom blogger.”

Holly notes that because she runs a blog for moms (many of her followers champion Holly as a super hero fighting for their interests), those who wish to diminish her influence use the term “mom blogger” in a derogatory way.

“Using the term ‘mom bloggers’ can be a way to belittle women like me, rather than referring to us as what we are – social media influencers who wield a tremendous amount of power.”

During Fashion Week 2012, MOMentum created something revolutionary; A fashion show at Lincoln Center in which “real moms” of all ages and sizes proudly walked the runway alongside 16 year old size zero models.

Additionally, MOMentum has been involved with Christy Turlington’s organization “Every Mother Counts” and Holly is a United Nations “Shot@Life Champion”. She is traveling in Tanzania with the UN this week and meeting with UNICEF to learn more about issues facing mothers there. She will be blogging and tweeting about the experience as she goes, so tune in to .