Feb 13

Star of stage and screen, Amy Ryan is a mammoth talent! She kills us in comedies like The Office, and breaks our hearts in dramatic roles for films like Gone, Baby, Gone and, recently, Birdman. But what really makes Amy one of my favorite people is that along with all of that talent, she’s a down-to-earth Queens girl with an infectious smile that lights up the room.

I could go on about how much fun she is to photograph. How much she brings to that party. How she mistakenly gave her shoe size to the stylist as a 10 when it’s really an 8 1/2, and so, ended up wearing enormous shoes at our shoot. But instead, I’ll just ask her to write…whatever she wants to to accompany the photos below.

My cover story about Amy for New York Family Magazine's Valentine's Day issue is on stands now and can be read online here! Take it away, Amy…

"The fastest way for me to feel self conscious is to have my photograph taken. The fastest way to alleviate that is to have someone I trust and love as much as Ali take it. (This would also include her husband Joshua.)

The moment she focuses the lens on me, I know she is looking to tell a story that will resonate with others. I know she will also make sure I don't have spinach stuck in my teeth. I'm lucky to work ( again) with such a dear trusted friend.  Xox"




May 2


I’m thrilled to say that Princeton University has asked me to talk at an “Author’s Lunch” Monday, May 6, 12-2pm. Reserve a seat at the table with us by calling 609.497.1777. $60 per person Includes delicious lunch, and proceeds benefit local scholarship fund, The 101: Fund, supporting need-based college scholarships for local high school graduates.

COME ON DOWN! Let’s chat!! I’ll also be selling and signing books just in time for Mother’s Day! (Cheaper than rush shipping!)

May 1



After 12 years and an emotional roller coaster ride, Momma Love is now for sale at MommaLoveTheBook.com. I’m shipping books daily for Mother’s Day! If you want your’s, waste no time.(Please note that media mail takes 2-8 days to deliver. There is also a priority mail option.)


Apr 15


Momma Love was 104% FUNDED last week when the Kickstarter fundraiser for it ended! Here are some pix of Momma Love rolling off the presses at SHAPCO Printing in Minneapolis, MN. SHAPCO is a “Green” printer, so that means that all waste product- paper, proofs, plates, etc- are recycled, and all inks are eco-friendly. Which is GREAT!

My rep Debi Bergerson has been an incredible person to work with there. She gets my vision for the book and is full of creative suggestions and solutions. (Plus she’s just very nice!) Owner Joe Avery came up with a perfect solution for the poppy title type I wanted! Wait till you see!

Mar 17



After 12 years of hard work and being thrown for a loop by a publisher who shut abruptly, taking with them the financial investment I’d made towards my book’s production, I’ve decided to self-publish Momma Love; How the Mother Half Lives.

Gloria Steinem says “Ali Smith has given us a gift with Momma Love; a fresh, eye-opening manifestation of motherhood’s contemporary realities.”

Please consider supporting Momma Love’s printing through my Kickstarter campaign. Any amount helps! Pre-sales of the book are available at a special discounted price as well as some other very cool perks!

The book will be released May 1st this year making it the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

In my quest to share these women’s personal stories and portraits, I’ve turned away from the industry and towards the community. I’ve turned to you. The heart of the matter.

Click here to support Momma Love on Kickstarter.


Mar 8


MOMMA LOVE image Kelly Pregnant Outside, which has had the honor of hanging previously at The International Center of Photography, is currently in a wonderful portraits show at The Center for Fine Art Photography in some very good company!

If you find yourself in Fort Collins, Colorado before March 23rd, stop in to see a great show.

Dec 31


Well the holiday season is upon us… We’re sharing love with our families, mourning the loss of friends and family who we remember particularly at times like this, dealing with sick children on Christmas day, managing moods, feeling lucky, feeling disappointed, feeling excited to see the holidays through our children’s eyes… it’s an action packed, emotional time of year.

Soon we’ll be ringing in 2012 together. Some will enter cheering, others kicking and screaming. But we’re all going there together one way or another. May as well share a toast, ask for a shoulder to lean on if you need one, do our best and hope for the best.

The holidays have prompted me to write a “holiday-inspired” post on my Moms Rising blog which you can find here. (If you haven’t heard of Moms Rising, they’re very cool. Check out what they’re fighting for on the behalf of women and families.)

I hope all your holidays are special and meaningful and I’ll see you in the New Year!


(Harper as jolly old…)

Jul 23


Erin Marra over at Lovesomeblog.com posted a really nice piece about Momma Love and expressed a question I’ve heard many times now. WHEN IS THIS BOOK COMING OUT?? Let me assure you I’ll shout it from the highest hills when it’s out. It’s definitely been a long, really great journey, during which the book has become much stronger and better, so I’m glad for the time it’s had to simmer.

Check out Lovesome here.

Nov 11

The Museum of Motherhood makes it it’s mission to spread the word about how mothers are living and have lived their lives throughout history. In keeping with that goal, they recently honored me with a piece about Momma Love.

Museum of Motherhood

Aug 6

I recently met an amazing woman named Jessica Shyba. It just so happens, she writes a very successful blog that chronicles her relocation from the suburbs to NYC with her husband and two beautiful kids. Suburban to urban mom is a move I’ve been hearing more and more about lately.

Jessica is one of the moms I’ll be talking to and photographing for my Momma Love book project. She honored me with a very cool mention about the Momma work, and about my work photographing mothers in prison, on her blog this month! You can read her piece about it here.